Call for Artwork

If you are an artist living in the Waterfall Way region and would like to exhibit at Waterfall Way Gallery, please contact Sheila Guymer for more information. Please note that the gallery only exhibits pieces that can be displayed on the wall, unless the exhibition occurs during school holidays. Painting, photography, wall-mountable sculptures, calligraphy, and textile art (e.g. tapestry, quilts) are all welcome. Except in exceptional circumstances, all work exhibited must be for sale.

Proposals for solo, duo, or small group exhibitions are welcome, or you may prefer to exhibit a small selection (one to five pieces) in one of the gallery's themed exhibitions. The first themed exhibition is titled 'The Waterfall Way', featuring paintings and photographs of the landscape of the Waterfall Way region. Some proposed themes for future exhibitions (suggestions are welcome) include:

* Nocturnes: night-scapes, dreams, darkness, dystopias

* In my back yard: flowers, birds, garden-scapes, domestic life

* Microcosmos: miniatures, fleeting beauties, 'the god of small things'

Recitals, workshops, and talks (including the Arts Council's Saturday Soapbox Series) may be presented in conjunction with the themed exhibitions. Artists may like to join us as special guests at private functions and previews held at the Gallery.